Devin Ebanks Can Help the Lakers, But Beware of Derrick’s Caracter

I didn't think the Los Angeles Lakers would find much value in their draft picks which stood at No.'s 43 and 58 of the second round, but I must admit both selections hold a certain degree of intrigue.

Some people have compared Devin Ebanks, the Lakers' selection at No. 43, to former Laker Trevor Ariza, and the similarity definitely exists from an athletic point of view.

Ebanks, at 6'7", has the ability to help the Lakers immediately on the defensive end of the floor and having New York natives Ron Artest and Lamar Odom on the roster certainly doesn't hurt.

Ebanks was one of the better prep players to come out of the New York City area in 2007, and although he never quite lived up to his phenom billing at West Virginia he did display some potential.

Coach Bob Huggins took advantage of Ebanks' perimeter ball-handling skills by making him the point of emphasis on offense when West Virginia found themselves engaged in tight contests.

It was usually Ebanks' number that was called when the Mountaineers needed a basket, and he was probably West Virginia's best one-on-one offensive player.

Ebanks was adept at creating scoring opportunities off the dribble, but he never took the time to develop his jump shot, which is often the case with today's younger breed of players.

It's a good thing for Ebanks and the Lakers that his offense will not be much of a concern, but Ebanks' long arms, superior athleticism, and lateral quickness means he will get a chance to play as soon as he proves he can defend in the NBA.

Defense was the most impressive part of Ebanks' game at West Virginia, and he should get a chance to improve in that aspect playing behind a defensive specialist like Artest.

Like Ebanks, former Louisville and Texas-El Paso star Derrick Caracter has a chance to make an immediate impact for the Lakers, but his resume comes attached with many more questions.
Article Source: Bleacher Report - Los Angeles Lakers