Derek Fisher Proves His Value, Saves the Los Angeles Lakers in Boston

Derrick Fisher is one of the most outstanding point guards of the 2000s.

He was never considered the best point guard at any time in his career, but he deserves to be mentioned as one of the best contributors and finest players in the '00s. He's not known worldwide because of the things he does, but you know any true coach or fan of the game appreciates this guy's accomplishments

Fisher is a hard worker and leader, and he plays for the needs of the team. He proved a dozen times in the playoffs and in the finals that he's one of the best shooters, defenders, and closers ever.

He has the highest cumulative three-point percentage and second highest three-point percent (46.1) in the history of the NBA Finals (behind Ray Ray). He ranks third all-time in most threes made in the NBA Finals, most games played in the playoffs, and is 10th in playoff minutes.

He has a great coach, the Zen master Phil Jackson, who recognises the rare and valuable traits of this veteran. He doesn't get the spotlight or the front pages of news, like some NBA players, but after Game Three's performance he will.

Fisher is also one of the most clutch playoff performers, I think, in NBA history because of the fantastic ability to create, take, and make shots at any time of the game.

He's no longer in the shadows. Fisher has made his reputation in the biggest stage with big time plays and shots. Last year, he nailed a buzzer beater vs. Orlando in the finals.

His 0.4 shot is the 18th most Memorable Moment in the history of the playoffs. This game was no different from the other one. He just added another superb and important game to his career.

D-Fish nailed 11 points out of his 16 in the fourth quarter alone. Talk about important points. We criticized him at some point for not staying with the faster guards and having problems in the playoffs.

Here is Mr. No. 2 to prove that we are all ...

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