Denver Nuggets vs. Los Angeles Lakers: Game 7 Preview

 “Close-out games are actually kind of easy.”

Really, Andrew? Is that why the Lakers have lost the last two? You're just trying to bring in more ticket revenue for the club, are you?

Please grow up. We as fans are tired of watching you act like this.

I've been one of Andrew Bynum's biggest promoters this season, and before now I have been a constant background supporter, keeping my true feelings close to the vest because I wasn't 100 percent positive.

Then in January I went on the record saying that I believed Bynum had the potential to become the best center in the NBA.

Now I feel as though the only thing standing in his way of becoming one of the best players in this league is himself. In Game 1 of this series, he recorded a triple-double, 10 points, 13 rebounds and 10 blocks—he wasn't happy.

His post-game interview made it clear that he wanted to score more points. He wasn't happy with being a solid contributor. The kind of contributor that any real fan automatically gives all the credit to.

Then in Game 2, he scores 27 points on 12-20 shooting, and the Lakers record another solid win. Andrew contributed on both ends but was more visible on the score sheet this time around.

Since then, it has only been a matter of time until Andrew shut down. That's what we've seen these past two games. He wants to do things his way, and if he can't, he's going to go through the motions. Game 6 was one of the worst displays of professional basketball I have ever witnessed, and if the team comes out flat like that even for a minute in Game 7, I'm not sure they're going to come away with the win.

As frustrating as Bynum has been, the onus cannot be placed squarely on his shoulders, and his shoulders alone.

Answer me this: Has anyone else lost count of the number of wide-open shots Ramon Sessions has passed up in this series? ...

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