Delonte West Would Be A Great Acquisition for the Defending Champs

Shannon Brown was one of our best bench players, which says a lot because our bench was awful last year. He provided am immense amount of energy from the bench, with high flying and entertaining dunks. Other than dunking, Brown proved to be a very inconsistent outside shooter and defender. LA acquired Brown to provide solid defense but it seemed he was more interested in developing his offensive game. Brown wants 4-5 million per year, but I don't think LA should overpay for his services. Enter Delonte West. There are talks about LA trading Sasha Vujacic and a Future 1st round draft pick to the Wolves for Delonte West (and some cash considerations). LA could either keep Delonte West for the one year/$4 million left on his current contract, or waive him by August 5th and then resign him at a lower price. Basketball Wise, this would be a great catch for Kupchak because Delonte West fits perfectly in the triangle. Here are a couple of reasons why West would be a great fit with the Lakers. Begin Slideshow


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