Deja Vu: LA Lakers Will Lose To the Boston Celtics, Again

Once again the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers meet in the NBA Finals. Last time they met Boston won in 6 games. I think the same will happen—The Lakers will lose to the Celtics in 6 games this year too.

Kobe Bryant will be a one man show in the NBA Finals. Kobe has the only good matchup against an aging Ray Allen. Other than that, the Lakers don't have any favorable matchups.

Boston has four stars, while L.A. has only one. Even though Kobe Bryant is the best player in the NBA, he is going to need a lot more help to beat the Boston Celtics.

Boston plays better defense than the Lakers and plays well against the triangle offense.

Boston's main star in the playoffs, Rajon Rondo, has an easy matchup against Derek Fisher. Even though Fisher has experience, Rondo has the speed to make him look like a statue. Rondo will be Boston's star of the series.

I say Kobe Bryant has his best series of the playoffs, even though he averaged more than 30 points per game against the Phoenix Suns.

Kobe won't be enough for the Lakers, Celtics will raise banner number 18.

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