Definitive Los Angeles Lakers Fan Guide to Surviving 2013-14 Rebuilding Season

Let's face it, folks. The Los Angeles Lakers aren't going to be any good next season. Heck, they might even stink up the Staples Center like it's 2004-05 (or worse) now that Kobe Bryant's down and Dwight Howard's out.

But that doesn't mean you should turn your attention to other hobbies, like macrame or rodent acrobatics, rather than tune into Time Warner Cable SportsNet or (better yet) make the occasional sojourn to LA Live. The 2013-14 season should be rife with intriguing storylines and quirky subplots to take your mind off the embarrassing imbalance between winning and losing.

The fact is, Lakers fans, every team has its boom and bust years, its ups and downs, through which its supporters stand strong while finding little ways to stay sane and enjoy watching games with lowered expectations. 

Here, then, are seven ways to make your upcoming Purple-and-Gold experience a less depressing one.

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