Definitive Blueprint for LA Lakers to Expedite Rebuild After 2013-14 Season

The word "rebuild" doesn't exactly exist for the Los Angeles Lakers, which makes a blueprint for expediting the process even more imperative. 

General manager Mitch Kupchak has his work cut out for him now that the franchise has just one player on the roster past the upcoming 2013-14 season, but that doesn't mean it's impossible for him to quickly build a championship-caliber squad. 

In fact, it's easier that way. After all, he has plenty of money to play around with. 

Some of the steps on this blueprint are more involved than others, but none are too difficult on their own. It's putting them all together that makes this a challenging process. 

In just seven steps, though, the Lakers could be right back in the hunt for the Larry O'Brien Trophy. 2013-14 might be painful, but that doesn't mean the next season has to be. 

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