Current LA Lakers Who Must Take a Bigger Role in 2013-2014

The 2012-13 season was full of underachievement for the Los Angeles Lakers. For L.A. to even hope to return as a competitor in the Western Conference, several members of their current roster must step up and take on a bigger role than they played in their previous campaign. 

With a team that may lose its post presence in Dwight Howard and has already lost its leader, Kobe Bryant, for a large chuck of next season, it is of the utmost importance that a leader emerges from the locker room to help the Lakers tread water. 

Whether it be their perimeter defense, interior defense or their offense in general, the Lakers are in desperate need of help. Due to the fact that they are well over the cap even without Dwight Howard, L.A. is going to need to shore up these issues by expecting more from the players they have on their roster.

Given the fact that there is no guarantee that Howard or any other player not currently under contract are re-signed, the committed players must be prepared to pick up the slack for a fallen Kobe Bryant and a roster that is in major turmoil. 

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