Could Kobe Get a Shot at the Washington Generals After All?

Maybe Kobe Bryant realized something so obvious that the rest of us had overlooked.

Maybe the Lakers (9-14) are struggling because their opponents are just too talented.

Losers of four straight and six of their last seven, the Los Angeles Lakers have been matched up against perennial powerhouses like the Houston Rockets, Orlando Magic and Cleveland Cavaliers.

Those teams have combined for just 23 wins this season, three of which came at L.A.'s expense.

The Washington Wizards are the NBA's Washington Generals. They've won just three games on the year and opened the season with 12 straight losses.

In other words, they're bad. But maybe not bad enough for this Lakers team.

Following a 116-107 loss (sounds much closer than it was) to the New York Knicks, Bryant gave his next desired opponent:


And that desire didn't fall on deaf ears:

Kobe wants to play the Generals next. We can make that happen. Just ask former Globetrotter @MagicJohnson. Kobe - give us a call.

— Harlem Globetrotters (@Globies) December 14, 2012 But if I'm a paying customer, I think I'd take the theatrics of Bryant's current teammates over the famed Globetrotters.

Dwight Howard plays like he's already a Globetrotter. And Metta World Peace might be the most suspenseful draw in hoops—you never really know what you'll get from him.

Throw in the colorful facial expressions worn by Bryant and coach Mike D'Antoni, and this Lakers team brings every bit of the drama of a Globetrotters game.

The Generals might not have much, but they do have one thing these Lakers are missing—an identity.

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