Chris Kaman Ditches Massive Beard Before Starting LA Lakers Career

Chris Kaman is already letting the Hollywood lifestyle get to him.

Just like Steve Nash getting his hair cut prior to joining the Los Angeles Lakers, Kaman has ditched his giant, Nordic beard in favor of a clean-shaven chin.

Ever since his stringy, horrifying hair disappeared, Kaman has rocked at least some scraps of a beard.

Whether it be the untamed, multi-colored scraggly look that he wore during his short stint with the New Orleans Hornets, or the more well-maintained style he had with the Dallas Mavericks, there was almost always something there.

The only time he nearly went with a complete chrome-dome was in his first days with the Mavericks, when he trimmed the beard down and had a near-invisible goatee. 

Kaman's beard status was the biggest question lobbed at the caveman when free agency started. He took to Twitter to both assuage people's fears that it may be gone and gather opinions opinions on the chin-locks.

Once he agreed to a deal with the Lakers, Kaman crowd-sourced his next step with the bushy face-warmer.

Evidently there were more people who wanted it to go, because there are some bad decision-makers out in this cold world of ours.

Kaman went from having Heat Miser's hair flipped upside down and plastered on his chin (from The Year without a Santa Claus, for those of you who are confused), to being completely hairless.

In the end, it might be the right decision. Los Angeles is going to be hot well into the fall, so removing the beard is going to save him a bit of sweating.

Still, it's just another piece of evidence that playing for the Lakers keeps a guy from having awesome hair; just take a look at Andrew Bynum since he left.

The day had to come when Kaman stopped looking like a drunk Norse god. It just would have been nice to see him play basketba...

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