Chasing Michael Jordan: Will Kobe Bryant Ever Match His Airness with 6 Titles?

Six is the magic number in the NBA to measure success against.

Unless you live under a rock, you know that is how many titles Michael Jordan, arguably the greatest basketball player ever, has. 

He won them in two three-peats, first in 1991-93, then 96-98. The fashion that Jordan's Bulls did it in makes them one of the best dynasties in NBA history.

If you want to be considered a great, winning six titles is the bar that has been set.

Kobe Bryant is currently sitting at five championships. In the beginning of the season, many predicted he would match Jordan and win his sixth title. With the sweep at the hands of the Mavericks though, this goal can not be accomplished until next year at the earliest.

However, with Kobe getting older and Phil Jackson leaving, the question has to be asked: Will Kobe ever get that sixth championship?

Granted, the Lakers still have a very deep roster, and free agency will probably not hurt them in the upcoming years, but age is a big problem on their radar. Also, the Western and Eastern conferences both have young, strong, up-and-coming teams.

Adding to the age problem is a possible lockout the NBA might face. Every second it's going on is another valuable second lost for guys like Kobe, Odom or Fisher.

Just making the NBA Finals appears to be a more difficult task for the Lakers than many had thought. The Dallas Mavericks had the Lakers' number and dominated for almost the entire playoff series.

The Oklahoma City Thunder are only getting better, as Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook have formed one of basketball's best combos and neither is even 23 years old.

Even if the Lakers make it through the Western Conference, the Eastern champion will make them earn a title. The Miami Heat had little trouble with the Lakers in their regular-season meetings and that pattern could continue in a playoff series.


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