Chaos Theory: Shaq Returning To Lakers Line Up a Possibility?

One team in the NBA should be catching Shaquille O'Neal's eye. Back to back championships with a strong starting lineup, strong bench players, and a strong chance to three-peat next year. Shaq would normally be drooling and demanding a trade to this team. The problem is it's the Los Angeles Lakers, a team Shaq knows very well.

Now bear with me on this. The possibilities of this ever happening are slim but this could be a huge story that would steal a few headlines from the massive free agency market this year.

Shaq would have to accept being a back-up to Andrew Bynum, which would not normally sit well with the Diesel.

Shaq would increase the teams dominance in the low post and allow for Gasol to take more needed breaks in important games. It would allow less pressure on Bynum if full games are required to treat injuries.

Shaq has won three rings with Kobe and D-Fish and would not take long to adjust to Gasol and Artest's style of play. Shaq is also skilled in the triangle offense and would adjust quickly back to the format.

It would also give Shaq a chance to touch the Finals trophy one more time before calling it quits.  It would also cement any doubt that L.A. will retire his jersey. All of these things Shaq finds very appealing.

This move is not without its question marks.  Shaq really burned alot of bridges for his immature behavior after leaving the Lakers. We all know about the famous Kobe-diss rap he performed. We also know about his comments about the Lakers organization and the city of Los Angeles.

Lakers fans would be on edge knowing the previous history between Shaq and their hero, Kobe Bryant. Shaq and Kobe have a history and it's said history tends to repeat itself. Shaq's age and health would also be a large factor to observe.

It would require losing two or three players to make room for Shaq and draft picks. The players would likely be Mbenga, Mor...

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