Celtics Won’t Beat Lakers As Vengeance Is Almost Sustained

The scoreboard posted the ending results at Staples Center, and quickly, an enticing scene in a sudden-death situation erupted an electric crowd that never had to shut their eyes or bite nails, but loudly cheered the Los Angeles Lakers to an 89-67 victory in a crucial Game 6 of the NBA Finals.

If you felt a jolt or heard a rattling sound, it wasn’t an earthquake that shivered Southern California recently, but it was the Lakers rising above a disappointing loss to force a Game Seven, refusing to stumble in an elimination game.

It hasn’t been a spectacular series, but a nerve-racking series for the defending champs by meeting the Boston Celtics, it’s archenemies in a rematch seeking to avenge a miserable 39-point loss two years ago.

In theory of the Lakers, it’s very clear that Team Hollywood knew much was at stake, performing brilliantly and responding with urgency and fortitude, to survive a redemptive series in which the Lakers tries to mount a legacy.

Late in the fourth quarter, he walked to the bench and received a standing ovation from the crowd before he sat on the sideline, wearing a towel and a pleasant facial expression, delighted with the recovery in a must-needed game.

It was Kobe Bryant, who was faulted for the Lakers’ mental lapses and physical inadequacies to implode chemistry and disrupt the energy and drive of his supporting cast, facilitating and involving his teammates by spreading the floor and drilling well-advised shots.

The timing couldn’t be better for a composed and smarter Bryant, the greatest closer in the game known for obliterating defenders with his sequential scoring and miraculous shots.

It isn’t often in sports when a man with a selfish modus or arrogance, accepts an applause subsequently being described as a pompous, self-centered hypocrite who ultimately abandoned his teammates and hurled too many ...

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