Celtics Vs. Lakers: Game 7 For All The Marbles

It all comes down to tomorrow night: Game Seven, Boston at Los Angeles, will decide who will win the 2010 NBA Championship.

One game with an entire season on the line—this is what every team in the NBA plays for.

This is one moment in time where everything can be changed forever moving forward.

Story lines don't get much better than this.  This Lakers team has been hungry and motivated ever since they lost in the 2008 Finals to this Celtics team. The Celtics struggled down the stretch, finishing the regular season 27-27 in order to keep their team healthy for the playoffs.

With the series tied 3-3, I could sit here and try to analyze statistics and trends of this series, but it doesn't have an impact now. These two teams have played seventeen times in the past three years. No X's and O's are going to be able to win the pivotal Game Seven tomorrow night.

This game could be remembered forever.  This could be the end of the road for the likes of Pierce, Garnett, and Allen. They came to Boston to win an NBA title, which they accomplished in 2008; but imagine the legacy these three would hold if they were able to pull out this series on this stage, under these lights in the Staples Center.

The Lakers and Celtics have met in the NBA Finals Game Seven four times, with Boston winning all four of them. However, this Lakers team is 30-4 at home during the playoffs over the last three years. Winning at the Staples Center is a tough enough accomplishment for any team who plays the Lakers.

Two of the Lakers' four losses have come from Boston; one in Game Four of 2008 and one in Game Two of this series.

However, none of that really matters anymore.

Boston was run out of the building last night. The injury to Perkins is a significant one, but reports say he is going to try and give it a go come tomorrow night. As poor as he has been offensively, his size and...

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