Celtics vs. Lakers Game 6: Kobe’s Chance To Become an NBA Legend

Kobe Bryant's face and eyes were filled with evil and disgust after the way his team finished Game Five in Boston.  A game that if won could have sent the series back to Los Angeles with the Lakers only needing to win one game.

That is not the case anymore.  Kobe Bryant and the Lakers are going to have to win tomorrow night and win what would be a pivotal Game Seven on Thursday.  This is a tough task to accomplish, especially with the way the Lakers have played of late.

Six times the road team has been up 3-2 in the series going into Game Six.  Fortunately for the Lakers the home team has won both games twice. 

This Celtics team has been doubted since the Playoffs started and now they are only one win away from celebrating as NBA Champs.

The Celtics are 36-1 when leading a series up 3-2.  The only series they blew last year was the Eastern Conference Semifinals against the Orlando Magic.  A team they beat in six games this year.

Not to mention the fact that Boston is 14-0 in the NBA Finals when leading a series 3-2.  It seems that this organization throughout history delivers when the opportunity knocks.

With that being said Kobe Bryant is going home to the Staples Center where they have played spectacular all year.  After all Game Two was their first home playoff loss of the Season.

Bryant has been at a level that offensively can't be matched by anyone else on the floor.  He is going to score 30 points or more and there's nothing that is going to stop him.  The Celtics have to continue to harass him on defense and make him take tough shots.

As we saw in Game Five that still doesn't phase Kobe.  He scored 23 points straight for the Lakers, and the first 19 of the third quarter.  Six points shy of Isiah Thomas' record of 25 points straight in the 1988 NBA Finals. 
Article Source: Bleacher Report - Los Angeles Lakers