Celtics vs. Lakers Game 6: Five Keys To a Laker Win

The Lakers vs. Celtics Finals match-up is something that I have been waiting for since 2008. To see the best play the best in any sport is a treat to the public. To watch a rematch of the best vs. best—that's special.

I've watched this year's Finals from London, staying up 'till 4am to watch these teams test their mettle. The Celtics have impressed me. The Lakers have not.

My disappointment is not in the outcome of the games, but in the lack of adjustment you think you would see from a superstar coach and player. Like 2008, the Lakers have shown nothing resembling the term "super."

With the Boston Celtics up 3-2, the tale of the tape says this:

Phil Jackson is being out-coached. 

The Laker's are being out-hustled. 

The Lakers' superstar is being out-shone. Not by an individual, but by a team. 

With the lack of excellent play abundantly evident, these are the things that the Lakers need to do to win Game 6.


Create better spacing on offense.

For a team that has made it to the Finals, the team's discipline in maintaining spacing on the floor has been deplorable. The triangle offense doesn't work in compacted space. Keeping shooters near the three-point line properly spaced will open up scoring opportunities when the defense collapses to stop Kobe from driving.

There is no excuse for the Lakers not to take advantage of the opportunities presented when one of their players attracts three defenders. 



Use Kobe more in both the high and low post.

Kobe Bryant is one of the best post-players in the league. With Andrew Bynum hurting and Kevin Garnett imposing his will on Pau Gasol, posting Bryant will attract multiple defenders, allowing Ron Artest and Lamar Odom to make plays cutting to the basket. 

If nothing else, Kobe should get...

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