Celtics vs. Lakers 2010: So Back-To-Back Is Great, Let’s Talk Legacies

"I've got Wheaties!!" yes you do Ron Artest, you also have your first championship ring of your roller coaster career. In one of the most memorable post game press conferences of all time (you can find it on YouTube), Ron Artest was happy to see his Wheaties. If game 7 was any indication, Ron Artest had been eating his Wheaties all day. In a game where Kobe, the best player in today's game had a miserable shooting performance(6-24 from the floor) Ron Artest played like a possessed man determined to lead his team to victory playing 46 minutes scoring 20 pts grabbing 5 boards while stealing Boston's momentum not once, but 5 times. The man from Queensbridge, NY knew it was win or bust and he wanted it bad. 

Game 7, we heard it all day the most important two words in sports: Game 7 and with game 7 comes respect, respect is earned not given. Two teams have battled it out for 6 games, traveling back and forth to each teams respective city those who want it, will show up this much is known. Rasheed Wallace started the game off in place of injured big man Kendrick Perkins and 'Sheed was scoring early. The Lakers had offensive struggles and many MJ fans started flooding social networking sites proclaiming Kobe could never compare to Jordan. 

The NBA world was shocked, how could the most dominant man in the playoffs be struggling so much, did he not realize that the championship was on the line? Well for so long everyone said Kobe had a better supporting cast than LeBron and if anything, it showed in Game 7. Fisher, Artest, Gasol, Odom "The Supporting Cast" showed up in a game where Kobe needed them the most. While Kobe ended the game with 23 worked for points and 15 rebounds, Derek Fisher had 10 pts all of them coming off big shots. As noted earlier Artest had a huge game, Odom had a energizing 3rd quarter and ended the game with 7 pts and 7 rebounds while Gasol who Kobe calls the "Spaniard he loves" finished the game with 19 pts and 18...

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