Celtics vs. Lakers 2010: Los Angeles and Boston Finish an Ugly Game

With the Los Angeles Lakers beating the Boston Celtics in last night NBA Game 7 title game 83-79, they won the franchise's 16th NBA Championship, one fewer than the Celtics have won.

The ghosts of Wilt Chamberlain and George Mikan are likely turning over in their graves in disgust. It wasn't a game that any former Lakers championship player such as Elgin Baylor, Jerry West or Kareem Abdul-Jabbar could be proud of.

There is a reason why last night's game was the first professional hoops game I watched all season, although one of the main reasons was that all the major league baseball games were already over by the second half.

I do like the game of basketball, and watched most of the NCAA Conference tournaments and the NCAA Final Four. Those seemed to happen light years ago compared to the two months of playoffs we just went through. It was exactly two months to the day (April 17) that the NBA playoffs started in 2010 before we arrived at Game 7.

While I like the college game, the professional game is far different.

With all the on-court, physical contact last night, it was a disgusting display of thug-ball, not basketball. Combined with all the complaining after each whistle, it was brawl-bawl, too, not basketball.

The professional game is not reminiscient of the basketball game I used to know, or even the college game now.

Most every possession last night constituted physical contact similar to an NFL game. Why not put pads on these guys, and let them really go at it?

There were just too many fouls, a total of 44 for the game. And when a foul was called or any whistle blown, it was one player either complaining to the referee or showing disgust by walking around the floor with a mad face and arms up in the air.

Is that the type of game we want our children watching? Are the youngsters today now supposed to complain after every call by the ...

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