Celtics vs. Lakers 2010 : Lakers Get Redemption!

It was the ugliest game of the 2010 NBA Finals.  But the last two minutes were positively exciting and the result, absolutely superb.

Two heavyweights slugging it out in the 15th round of the World Championship, e ach one throwing his most powerful punches.  In this case, the heavy hits were a barrage of three-point shots back and forth.

But neither champion could land a knockout blow.  In the end, it was two free throws by a player who had sat on the bench the entire game that sealed the victory.

He entered with just 13 seconds left to take an inbounds pass.  He was fouled the instant he caught the ball and stepped to the line.

He took one dribble and calmly shot the first free throw.  Nothing but net.  82-79.  He took another dribble, put up the second free throw and...redemption!

With those two free throws by Slovenian reserve Sasha Vujacic, the Los Angeles Lakers had redeemed their season, enhanced their championship legacy, and, most of all, recaptured their pride with an 83-79 victory over their archrival, the Boston Celtics, in Game Seven of the NBA Finals.

It was a battle back and forth, from Game One to Game Seven. However, the first six games were either blowouts or decisive victories.  There were no nip-and-tuck, down-to-the-wire nail-biters until this one.

It was the kind of series that both teams deserved to win—you felt bad that one had to lose.  But that is why these series are played.

Maybe in some parallel universe next to ours, it was the Celtics who came away with a four-point victory.  If so, I hope it was in overtime, which is the only thing this series lacked. 

For a few heart-stopping moments in the final quarter, it seemed as though that was where this game was headed.

If the Celtics had won, they would have kept their own perfect Game Seven record inta...

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