Celtics Conceded; Will Shut Down Lakers In Series

You can give Game One of the NBA Finals between L.A. and Boston to the Lakers.  They earned it.

And Boston gave in, despite playing great defense throughout the Eastern Conference playoffs.

But the first game at the Staples Center was a little different for the Celtics.

They didn't play the D that's customary in the East; aggressive and low-scoring.

It was evident when Kobe Bryant goes off for 30 points.  He even hit the last shot in the game in their 102-89 win.

Ray Allen should've hacked Bryant on that last shot.

That would've been a way to exit Game One by fouling out.

Overall, Boston and L.A. were handcuffed with foul troubles.

Paul Pierce had five fouls and Tony Allen had four.

Lamar Odom collected five.  Ron  Artest, Pau Gasol and Bryant had four.

If I'm the Celtics, let Kobe have his points and shut down Artest and Gasol.

Knock Andrew Bynum on the floor every once in a while because, I think, he hasn't been challenged yet.

Ray Allen should be the sharpshooter, not Pierce.

All of his four misses from downtown were bricks.

Their coach, Doc Rivers, was more intense in the huddle than the team were.

As you saw, he wasn't afraid to make changes in the lineup.

After the team watched the horrible "movie" of their defensive breakdowns and lack of hustle on the boards and for loose balls, they will turn Tinseltown upside down in Game Two.

Doc won't stand for that kind of lackluster effort from his team the rest of this series.

It was funny to see that Kobe remained focused on the bench with Chris Rock sitting next to him and trying to make him laugh.

Boston should make Kobe's day miserable Sunday so he has nothing to laugh about.

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