Carter’s NBA Power Rankings-March 9: Cavs, Lakers, Magic Remain Top Three

1. Cleveland Cavaliers (50-15)

In 2008 and 2009, the first teams to reach 50 wins both won the NBA championship. The Cavaliers are the first team to grab win No. 50 this season. Just saying…


2. Los Angeles Lakers (46-18)

If I were a Lakers’ fan, I wouldn’t really worry about too much. Sure, the Lakers are in a bit of a slump but, 90 percent of fans out there should have the Lakers as the current favorite to win the West again this year.


3. Orlando Magic (44-20)

Other than the Bucks, the Magic are the hottest team in the East. As long as Dwight Howard stays healthy, the Magic really doesn’t have much to worry about until the second round of the playoffs.


4. Utah Jazz (40-22)

As long as their offense stays consistent, the Jazz could have a decent chance of getting to the Western Conference Finals.


5. Denver Nuggets (42-21)

The Nuggets’ offense seems to be clicking very well, but if they want to get far into the playoffs, their defense has to step it up more.


6. Boston Celtics (40-21)

Mainly because of their defense, the Celtics still have a great shot at getting at least to the Eastern Conference Finals.


7. Atlanta Hawks (40-23)

Joe Johnson continues to play great and is one of the ten best players in the league right now. But the rest of the team might not be able to get to the Eastern Conference Finals with teams like Cleveland, Orlando, and Boston still ahead of them.

Once the Hawks get into the playoffs, then it’s going to be a rocky road to the Finals, which they are not going to make.


8. San Antonio Spurs (36-25)

The Spurs are the only top eight team in my rankings to have a losing record (18-22) against te...

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