Carmelo Anthony: Why the Los Angeles Lakers Shouldn’t Worry Where He Ends Up

The name Carmelo Anthony hasn't ever been used as frequently as it is right now. Every time someone brings up the approaching NBA season, the name seems to creep its way in, whether it be through the discussion of potential contenders, trade rumors, or the top players in the league. Honestly, I don't see any other reason why Melo wants out of Denver, besides the idea that Melo wants what LeBron, D-Wade, and Bosh have.

We are only a couple weeks away from the opening tipoff and Melo seems to be looking much further ahead than the first Nuggets game. In Melo's' mind, forming his own "Big Three" seems to be the No. 1 priority on his agenda heading into this season. I'd expect to see him demand a trade any minute now and my first guess is that he wants to go to the New York Knicks or New Jersey Nets (two teams I don't see doing that much better than Denver).

Where does this leave teams such as the Heat, Lakers, Magic, Celtics, and Bulls? Should they be worried, or will they be looking forward to the potential challenge that is awaiting their arrival? Well, me being a Lakers fan, I am going to be presenting the top five reasons why the Lakers shouldn't worry about the future destination of Melo, whether that be New York, New Jersey, or Denver.


Reason 1: They Can't Top Miami's Talent

If there is one wall between the Lakers and their success this season, it is the Miami Heat. Every time you turn on NBA TV or ESPN, LeBron, Wade, and Bosh's names come up. For Lakers fans there is nothing sweeter than writing down another reason to prove the NBA world wrong. The Lakers are the easiest team to hate and it's not a surprise, but should the Lakers worry if someone like Carmelo chooses to join forces with, let's say, the New York Knicks?

No, because no team will be able to top the Heat's talent. Like I said, the Heat are now the No. 1 contender to be the NBA's top team, and it would be ne...

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