Can L.A. Lakers Land Both LaMarcus Aldridge and DeAndre Jordan in Free Agency?

When it comes to courting free-agent superstars, the Los Angeles Lakers abide by a simple yet decisive precept: Why choose?

LaMarcus Aldridge and DeAndre Jordan, both unrestricted free agents, are on the Lakers' radar. And while most teams with cap space to burn would be satisfied with signing one, the Lakers aren't most teams.

They're trying to sign both, according to Yahoo Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski:

Is this possible? Is it even worth discussing?

To answer the latter question, a conversation is absolutely necessary. The Lakers' ambitions, lofty as they are, won't be retreating into reality anytime soon.

Not when free agency's early returns give them cause to push forward.

The Lakers and Aldridge talked shop to start the offseason extravaganza, and a source told's Ramona Shelburne that the Lakers came away encouraged:

Like, really encouraged:

Aldridge is already being pegged as one of the summer's biggest flight risks, so there are no surprises there. But Jordan could be right behind him.

His return to the Los Angeles Clippers is considered a formality on so many levels. They're ready-made title contenders, and unlike every other suitor, they can offer him a five-year contract worth north of $105 million.

But according to's Chris Broussard, Jordan is seeking a four-year deal with an option to re-enter free agency three seasons from now, in 2018, by which time the salary cap will have left a $100 million ceiling in its rearview.

That curbs the Clippers' leverage considerably. Especially if, as Broussard posited, Jordan is seeking a bigger role.

Any interested team can offer him four years. The Clippers' lone advantage is now their ability to hand him 7.5 percent annual raises—compounded off his first-year salary—compared to the 4.5 percent their competition...

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