Can Kobe Bryant and Jeremy Lin Coexist in Los Angeles Lakers’ Backcourt?

Jeremy Lin and Kobe Bryant might just be the Western Conference's starting backcourt for the 2015 NBA All-Star Game, but the Los Angeles Lakers are looking for something more than champions of popularity.

They're after backcourt compatibility for at least one year.

Can Bryant and Lin, playing together, alongside one another, give the Lakers what they're seeking?


Offensive Chemistry

The Lakers don't have actual centers on their roster aside from Robert Sacre—Jordan Hill and Ed Davis count as well, though neither are true centers either. That means Mike D'Antoni is going to be so happy more small ball.

Running diminutive lineups would thrust Bryant outside the backcourt, placing him at small forward alongside someone like Nick Young.

However, the spirit of the Lin-Bryant pairing remains intact no matter what, whether it's the Black Mamba, Swaggy P or someone else playing out of position.

Both are now prominent figures within the Lakers' interesting and confusing new dynamic—especially on the offensive end, where, assuming Steve Nash continues his untimely and unfortunate free-fall, they are now Los Angeles' two most talented playmakers.

This is a problem.

Bryant and Lin both prefer to operate with the rock in their hands as ball-dominant, shoot-first catalysts. It's the same problem a conceptual Carmelo Anthony-Bryant dyad ran into. Only this is a greater quandary.

Anthony has at least developed into a lethal spot-up shooter—one of the best, actually. Lin and Bryant have found no such success.

More than half of Lin's made baskets were unassisted last season, a fairly incredible percentage considering he played with the ball-dominant James Harden.

While more than a quarter of his shot attempts were classified as catch-and-shoot opportunities, he posted a middling 41.2 percent&nb...

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