Byron Scott Says Lakers Don’t Trust One Another on Floor

The Los Angeles Lakers own the Western Conference's worst record (2-12) entering play Friday, and head coach Byron Scott said his players don't trust one another when they are on the floor. 

Per Lakers Nation (via James Herbert of CBS Sports), Scott told reporters he doesn't see a chemistry issue in the locker room but that something is missing when games get going:

Our guys get along. They just don't trust each other on the floor. It has nothing to do with chemistry. They do, I think, enjoy being around each other. They just don't trust each other completely right now. And that's a hard thing to deal with when you're a young team. Guys sometimes want the ball in their hands, they don't trust making passes to other guys. And we gotta get to a point where the ball just doesn't stick and it finds open guys.

It's an interesting way for Scott to phrase the problems facing his team, as a lack of trust seems to imply a chemistry problem.

There were low expectations for the Lakers coming into the season after a 61-loss campaign in 2014-15, so the slow start is hardly surprising. The problem is that the team's building blocks haven't performed well thus far.

Julius Randle is shooting 42.8 percent from the floor, D'Angelo Russell is also trying to find his shot and the roster doesn't have many facilitators beyond the rookie point guard. Kobe Bryant leads the team in points and assists per game but is shooting 31.1 percent. 

Scott is handcuffed because he doesn't want to sit Bryant despite his struggles. The head coach told's Baxter Holmes that he "would never, never, never" bench Bryant for poor play.

Sometimes, the best way to move forward is by hitting rock bottom. Scott is trying to navigate an untenable situation to the best of his ability, but the Lakers have a long way to go before becoming relevant in the West.

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