Byron Scott Agrees to Caviliers Deal: Where Does That Leave the Lakers?

We've all been waiting for July 1st.

It has arrived, and the most important news so far for the Lakers is the signing of ex-Laker Byron Scott.

This morning, the Associated Press reported that the Cleveland Cavaliers announced that Scott agreed to be their new head coach with or without LeBron James.

Obviously, Scott didn't care as long as he received a head coach position.

This could be bad news for the Lakers. Phil Jackson has not made his retirement decision yet, and for now the Lakers are running out of options.

Who is going to coach the Lakers in the 2010-2011 NBA Season? No one knows, and it is a scary thought.

Whatever happens, the Lakers will most likely be the favorites going into next season due to their roster, but without a coach—especially Phil Jackson—that may not be such a sure thing.

The Scott position is understandable. After a horrid season with the Hornets, he'd been wanting to get back to coaching. With the uncertainty of Phil Jackson's status with the Lakers, it was a safe decision from Scott's perspective, and we have to respect his decision.

This only means that the Lakers' options are running out, and the clock is ticking even faster for Jackson.

It seems as though nothing "big" will happen on the exact date of July 1st. So, for now, the Lakers' number one priority has to be getting Phil back and preparing for the worst. The Lakers must prepare a "Plan B" right now.

So please, Zen Master, please come back at least for one more season. We need your Zenful ways more than ever.

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