Bringing the Heat: The Los Angeles Lakers Are the Best Team in the NBA

It's as simple as the title.  

The Lakers are the best team in the NBA and until a team dethrones them there's no validity to any argument otherwise.  The Miami Heat are putting together a strong team with Wade, James, and Bosh but they have yet to play a game.

Los Angeles has won back-to-back NBA Titles.

Kobe Bryant has five NBA Championship Rings and is one of the greatest NBA Players in history.  They also have Phil Jackson who has eleven rings!  If the Lakers were to win a third straight title in 2011, it would be Jackson's fourth three-peat.

Think about that for a second.

Kobe Bryant would have as many rings as Michael Jordan and Phil Jackson would six and six for a grand total of twelve titles.  That's a ridiculous amount of winning

Dwayne Wade down in South Beach has won one NBA title that came in 2006 with Shaq. Chris Bosh is yet to advance past the first round of the playoffs. And LeBron James fails time and time again in the playoffs.  James has a sweep in the NBA finals at the hand of the San Antonio Spurs to his experience.

What makes the Lakers the best team in the NBA is the players that make up their roster. They play together as team and know their roles in the offense and on defense.

Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum are two of the toughest post players in the NBA.  They both defend, rebound, and can score points in the paint.  

Ron Artest was a defensive mastermind shutting down Paul Pierce and Ray Allen in the NBA Finals.  It was him who came up with the big shots when they needed it most in Game seven.  Afterwards he proceeded to thank his psychiatrist.

What does it matter he has an NBA ring now.  Combine him with Odom and point guard Derrick Fisher running the offense this team works together.  The offense evolves around Kobe Bryant but his teammate...

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