Breaking Down Why Pau Gasol Belongs in the Post for LA Lakers to Succeed

Pau Gasol can be effective with the Los Angeles Lakers, if they begin to use him properly.

Forced out of the paint and onto the perimeter thanks to Dwight Howard's arrival, Gasol struggled immensely during the regular season. Injuries contributed to his abrupt demise, but positional discomfort was the primary catalyst.

He wasn't meant to drift amongst the small forwards and shooting guards on the perimeter; he was made for low-post dominance. The stretch forward role is not, and never was, a part he should be playing.

Displacing him from where he spent a majority of his career was a mistake. A monstrous error in judgment.

One the Lakers now have the opportunity to correct.


You Belong, Pau

Finally, Gasol will be put where he needs to be—at center.

Since joining the Lakers, he has excelled at the 5. Not that he's been horrific at the 4, but in Mike D'Antoni's offense he's nearly incapable of remaining effective there.

Last season was by far the worst of his career, yet he still managed to stand out while playing the 5. Per, he notched a 22 PER at center compared to a 15.4 at power forward. And since his arrival, he's posted a 24.2 to a 21.8, respectively. 

Returning him to where he's been markedly better over the last six-plus years just makes sense, now more than ever.

Traditional power forwards are obsolete in Magic Mike's offense. Stretch forwards rule the day, ergo D'Antoni suggesting Jordan Hill get his three-point shot on during the offseason.

The same was asked of Gasol last year, but to no avail. He couldn't emerge as the towering stretch forward D'Antoni's offense craved, the same one the Lakers needed.

Not for want of trying, though. Gasol tailored his game to meet the needs of a Howard-centric low post.

Below you'll see Gasol's shot...

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