Breaking Down What LA Lakers Can Offer Dwight Howard That Other Teams Can’t

According to ESPNLA, Lakers center Dwight Howard will make his decision on July 10th, and on that Wednesday, the NBA world will be treated to the most riveting free-agency development since LeBron James' "decision."

Only thing is, this is Los Angeles, and these are the Lakers not the Cleveland Cavaliers.

No disrespect to the city of Cleveland or the sentimental ties James cut when he left his home-state team, but the Cavaliers have never really been a popular free-agency destination.

However, Los Angeles is, and once the NBA's stars migrate west, they hardly ever leave in the same manner—which makes Howard's potential departure puzzling.

Chris Broussard of ESPN says there is very little chance of Howard re-signing with the Lakers, and while I'm not sure if I trust Broussard's sources, there must be some appeal to a change of scenery for Howard.

Howard doesn't seem to trust Lakers head coach Mike D'Antoni very much, and it's hard to imagine D'Antoni altering his offense to suit Howard's tastes.

It also must have been a little deflating to hear Kobe Bryant ponder on playing another 3-4 years, especially if Howard has dreams of being the face of the Lakers franchise any time in the near future.

Howard's struggles adjusting to D'Antoni's system and his teammates is one thing, and his alternatives if he does decide to bolt Los Angeles are attractive as well.

The Houston Rockets and Dallas Mavericks seem like the most likely landing spots for Howard if he does leave, and both options certainly have positives.

The Rockets can surround Howard with a young nucleus led by star guard James Harden, and with the Mavericks, Howard could team with Dirk Nowitzki for a few seasons before assuming the reins of the franchise once Dirk retires.

Both are definitely intriguing options, but before Howard decides to relocate to Texas, he may want to take one last,...

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