Breaking Down the Pros and Cons of Each LA Lakers Offseason Move

Los Angeles Lakers fans far and wide are bracing themselves for what is expected to be one of the most traumatic and demoralizing seasons in recent memory.

Without Dwight Howard manning the interior and Metta World Peace patrolling the perimeter, the Lakers are going to have to rely on their new acquisitions to shore up the gaping holes in their squad.

While their influx of serviceable big men and shooters seem to fit in better with Mike D'Antoni's original vision, this does not mean that the Lakers will automatically be better than the unorganized mess they were last season. 

What they gained in able-bodied athletes and role players, they lost in sheer talent. 

Without the likes of Howard, World Peace, Earl Clark and Antawn Jamison, Laker nation better hope that a more cohesive implementation of the D'Antoni system can supplement their weaknesses. 

Every move the Lakers have made this offseason has served a dual purpose.

With each acquisition, the Lakers hope to keep this squad competitive enough to satiate Kobe Bryant's undying thirst to win while also retaining the financial flexibility they are set to utilize in next year's offseason. 


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