Breaking Down the Lakers’ Shortcomings Through Coach Kobe Bryant’s Eyes

It must have been painful for Kobe Bryant to sit back from home and watch his Los Angeles Lakers fall in Game 1 of the postseason against the San Antonio Spurs.

It’s just so limiting—I mean, he only has 140 characters or less.

Coach Bryant, recovering in Southern California from his Achilles tendon tear, turned to Twitter on Sunday to point out the inefficiencies of his teammates.

Bryant went into color commentator mode. It's a fun image of him laying on a couch in a Steve Nash jersey, bobbing his head to the game and eating potato chips.

But jokes aside, Bryant obviously has a keen eye for the game and the play of his teammates.

He tweeted like a fan, which was tremendous. His view of the game provides insight into what one of the active greats—of that team!—is seeing throughout the contest. That's a nice add-on for fans watching along with him.

It's only a distraction for his Lakers teammates if they're checking tweets from timeouts or at the free-throw line.

If his tweets seem overly critical, imagine his takes in the locker room or huddle.


Bryant's Tweets Early: Nash and Team Rhythm

No other voice of commentary knows more about the Lakers than Bryant. Early on, he pointed out the level of play from Nash, who recently returned from injury. 

In this tweet, Bryant also dropped a euphemism to point out that his team didn't look good early:

His observation of Nash is important, as his healthy return is important to the Lakers. However, Nash needs to be better than average.

After the first quarter, Nash's production was mostly middling, as he scored four points on 2-of-5 shooting and had just one assist playing in just more than half the quarter.

The Lakers played flat early in the game and struggled to climb out of the hole they dug...

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