Breaking Down the LA Lakers’ Best Trade Bait

After 25 games and a sub-.500 record, the Los Angeles Lakers aren't exactly sitting where they thought they would be after an offseason where they acquired Steve Nash and Dwight Howard. This drama-filled season for the purple and gold has been brimming with trade rumors, injuries as well as fingers being pointed left and right.

It's a safe bet that L.A. will be engaging in trade talks with various teams over the next few weeks, meaning players on the current roster should be prepared for a change in area code.

With that, let's take a look at some of the best trade bait on the Lakers that should have other teams tying up Mitch Kupchak's cell phone. In no way is this list supposed to signify who will be traded, but instead, it's a look at who other teams could realistically be looking at as potential trade targets.

Spoiler alert: Kobe isn't on this list.

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