Breaking Down the Best Way for Los Angeles Lakers to Use Dwight Howard

How will Dwight Howard fit in with the Los Angeles Lakers?

Just fine, thanks.

Facetious answers aside, there's plenty of reason to believe Dwight's debut season in LA will be a success. He's an All-World talent who will make the Lakers better on both ends of the floor if head coach Mike Brown and his staff put him to proper use.


Back to School?

As Bleacher Report's Rob Mahoney recently noted, Howard may not be the best fit for the Princeton offense that the Lakers are looking to implement. Superman isn't exactly a wunderkind in the high post, from where the Princeton's "four high" principles would deign him to operate. He's a solid passer as is, but sports neither the ball-handling nor the shooting ability to truly be a triple threat from that spot.

Likewise, if the Lakers were to play him closer to the basket in the Princeton offense, his mere presence may well inhibit the cutting off the wing that makes such a scheme so efficient and effective when firing on all cylinders. 

That being said, the Princeton offense isn't likely to comprise the entirety of the Lakers' sets, nor would anyone expect Brown and company to ignore the sweet, sweet music that Howard and Steve Nash can (and probably will) make together in the pick-and-roll game.



For his part, Nash is one of the premier pick-and-roll ball-handlers in the NBA today, if not of all time. He spent much of his most recent tenure with the Phoenix Suns making mobile, athletic big men look like studs on the hardwood.

Nash's most prolific such partnership came alongside Amar'e Stoudemire. Like Howard, Stoudemire is (or, at least, was) a powerful finisher and agile big man with the hands to pull in just about any pass that came his way. Here, we see Stoudemire setting a quick screen for Nash and promptly slipping to the basket, whereupon he fields a beautif...

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