Breaking Down Kobe Bryant’s Nike Hyperdunk Snake Pools

If you believe that opposites attract, you'll love Kobe Bryant's new set of kicks.

The "Snake Pool" Kobe VII sneakers are the Black Mamba's newest creation, and they're sure to catch your attention. Anything an iconic figure puts out is worth noting, and these shoes fit that bill.

Bryant wore these sneakers in the Los Angeles Lakers' preseason opener against the Golden State Warriors Sunday night. Check it out:

But what does that mean to the average sneakerhead? A retail price hasn't been set, and the release date is unknown, but they're sure to hit the shelves near you at some point.

Before you buy, you're going to need to know what you're getting into.

Let's break these kicks down.


"WOW" Factor: 8 out of 10

It's not that they don't look good, but nothing about these sneakers is shocking. Kobe takes Lakers colors and puts them on a sneaker, something that a Lakers icon would normally do.

I am "wowed" by the perfectly crafted mirror-image effect Mamba puts into place here. Wearing different colored shoes won't be for everyone, but he definitely makes it work.

Bryant is definitely addressing his Los Angeles fanbase here. Lakers fanatics will stand in line to grab their pair for hours, simply because Bryant's name is attached.

These sneaks earn an eight here because they're unique, but the color scheme, while not a bad thing, is predictable.


Design: 10 out of 10

Maybe I'm just a sucker for symmetry, but these look good; I mean, they look really good.

Bryant utilizes four simple colors (plus a tiny bit of black on the yellow shoe) with absolute precision on these shoes.

NBA fans are used to seeing purple and yellow coexisting together, but Bryant uses gray and white as perfect accents. They don't overwhelm the two main colors, instead providing a light offset...

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