Breaking Down Everything You Need to Know About LA Lakers’ Elias Harris

Not everyone dismisses the importance of the NBA's Summer League.

Thanks to his strong showing in Las Vegas, the Los Angeles Lakers have agreed to a two-year contract, which includes a "significant" guarantee for 2013-14, with versatile forward Elias Harris.

With Metta World Peace, Antawn Jamison and Earl Clark all plucked from Mike D'Antoni's rotation, Harris has the chance to become a recognizable face in "La La Land" next season. He might face an uphill battle for meaningful minutes, but he could become the budget addition the cash-strapped Lakers need.

His size (6'7", 240 pounds) makes the small-forward spot his most likely permanent home, but the former Gonzaga star has a hybrid hoops background that makes his definitive future hard to pin down.



Path to the NBA

A German native, Harris has spent time with both the country's junior and senior team in international play, where he shared the floor with new Lakers teammate Chris Kaman.

His introduction to U.S. hoops came at the University of Gonzaga in Spokane, Wash., where he spent four seasons as a member of the Bulldogs.

It didn't take long before he looked destined for stardom. With size, strength and well-rounded skills, Harris often looked ahead of his American peers. 

But after his brilliant debut, his stats started to plateau. The NBA was never removed as a possible destination, but it was no longer the guaranteed landing place it had looked like just a few short seasons before.

Still, his resume was strong enough to earn him a spot on the Lakers summer league squad. There he flashed a relentless motor and soft hands, both of which bolstered his stock as a productive, hustling role player:

He didn't quite light up the Sin City scoreboard, but he did manage 10.2 points per game on 44.7 percent field-goal s...

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