B/R Interview: Trey Johnson, Mo Williams High School Teammate, NBDL Star

Trey Johnson attended Jackson State where he played basketball and baseball. Johnson is currently with the Bakersfield Jam, but has been with many teams all over the globe.

Trey has played with the Hornets, Cavaliers, KK Hemofarm in Serbia, and Angelico Biella in Italy. Johnson also played with the Los Angeles Lakers this preseason.

ZH: What was it like playing with Mo Williams in high school?

TJ: Playing with Mo in High School was great! I watched him and learned so much from him and he probably doesn't even realize it. How hard you have to work, the mindset you must have, and how to carry yourself when in the public eye. He was one of the most talented and skilled players I had ever seen and I knew this when he was a seventh grader and I was in the sixth. Watching him play for the first time was so unbelievable to me back then, so to actually watch him grow and get even better in high school was something special.

ZH: Were you considering the Royals before you got injured? (Trey was drafted to the Kansas City Royals shortly after high school)

TJ: When I first got drafted, I considered it a great deal, but they were a little hesitant in making a real offer because they felt my interest was more for basketball than baseball. So they did what you call a draft and follow, which means they held on to my rights for a year and followed me my entire freshman year and then they could have either signed me prior to the next draft or released my rights. They released my rights before I ever got hurt because after my freshman year in college, my mind was totally on basketball, although I had a good year on the diamond that year as well.

ZH: How happy were you when you got the chance to play with the Hornets?

TJ: It was a blessing being with the Hornets. Looking back, it was an experience I needed and greatly appreciated. I became great friends with CP (Chris Paul) and once again, I just w...

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