Boston Celtics Set the Stage for a 2008 Revival: Can the LA Lakers Join Them?

The Boston Celtics' series clinching, Game Six victory over the Orlando Magic was the first step to a much-anticipated rematch of the 2008 NBA Finals, and now it's up to the Los Angeles Lakers to see if they can join them.

The Lakers' task will not be simple as they must head to Phoenix and face a very confident Suns' team, who feels they had every chance to win Game Five in Los Angeles.

An answered prayer from Ron Artest off of an errant Kobe Bryant shot gave the Lakers a 3-2 advantage in the series, and this will be the third time Los Angeles has had the opportunity to close out an opponent on the road.

But, the Lakers' victories over Oklahoma City and Utah are not similar to the Phoenix series because Los Angeles defeated Oklahoma City decisively in Game Five before eeking out a victory in Game Six, and they swept the Jazz in four games.

The Suns have the veteran experience the young Thunder team didn't, and Phoenix's use of various zone defenses have helped diminish the huge size advantage the Lakers have in the post.

If the Lakers can find a way to dispose of the Suns, they will join the Celtics in a Finals series most Los Angeles fans have hoped for since the Lakers were humiliated in 2008.

The images of that inglorious defeat are still fresh in the memories of most, as are the words of Paul Pierce, who belittled the Lakers' championship of 2009 by saying it was illegitimate because Los Angeles didn't defeat Boston for the title.

The Lakers would love nothing more than a chance to silence Pierce, and if they should advance, Los Angeles would have the privilege of beginning the series from the comforts of the Staples Center.

But, Phoenix comes first, and the Lakers can't afford to get complacent in Game Six, because a poor showing could give the Suns even more confidence if a Game Seven becomes necessary.

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