Blueprint for LA Lakers to Combat Hack-a-Dwight During 2013 Playoffs

The Los Angeles Lakers are postseason-bound. If they plan on enjoying any type of success during the playoffs, findings ways of combating the hack-a-Dwight is an absolute necessity.

Teams have employed the strategy during the entire season against the Lakers and it’s had mixed results. Every time Dwight Howard gathers the ball near the rim, defenders grab him and force him to convert shots from the charity stripe.

This is one form of the hack-a-Dwight. The second one involves simply fouling him away from the ball. Unless the rules change by the time the playoffs start, the Lakers do not have any counterstrike available for such a strategy.

The obvious tactic involves Howard hitting a larger percentage of his free throws. However, given his inability to do so throughout his career, we’ll write that one off.

Hence, we’ll be looking at the options at the Lakers’ disposal to keep Howard off the line.

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