Black Mamba Strikes Again: LA Lakers Keep Rolling Toward the Playoffs

Mamba?  I will never doubt you again.  What was I thinking last week when I said he should take the week and rest his ankle?

So, let’s take a look back at the last week in Laker-land. 

At the beginning of the week, everyone was still freaking out over that horrible looking sprain Kobe Bryant sustained Saturday night in the win against the Dallas Mavericks. 

In come the Orlando Magic for a Monday night game at Staples.  And there is Bryant suited up and ready to go.  Unbelievable.  You could tell he was not quite at 100 percent, but he was out there. 

Lakers fans: We are so lucky to have him.  He is a ferocious competitor and it's that kind of attitude that keeps everyone on the team accountable.

The Lakers end up beating Orlando, while Dwight Howard ends up looking frustrated and the purple and gold keep rolling.

Next up?  Minnesota on Friday night. 

It’s kind of bittersweet when the Timberwolves are in town because there still exists genuine fondness by the Lakers for Kurt Rambis, the Minnesota's coach and former Lakers assistant.  Everyone likes former Bruin Kevin Love as well.

The Timberwolves had some nice energy and were staying in the race with the Lakers, until at some point, someone must have reminded the Lakers that it is late March, not January, and now is not the time to lose to Minnesota.

The Lakers buckled down as Kobe got into more of a rhythm and the Lakers got the win.  Oh, and Andrew Bynum got ejected for his hard foul on Michael Beasley.  The league subsequently decided that the consequence for that “play” would be a two game suspension...without pay. 

Bynum’s wallet is $250,000 lighter right about now.  Ouch.

So now we roll around to Sunday night at Staples.  The opponent is Portland, which for some reaso...

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