Best Fits for Small Forward Free Agent Devin Ebanks

After three seasons of sporadic playing time with the Los Angeles Lakers, intriguing small forward Devin Ebanks is looking for a new team and a fresh start.

According to Hoopsworld's Alex Kennedy, there are a handful of teams interested in providing him with that opportunity.

It might seem surprising that three teams, two of which figure to be in the vicinity of the postseason mix, would want to take a shot on a player who has never averaged more than four points per game. But a closer look at Ebanks' skill set reveals a promising young player who could actually make an impact in the right situation.

Where, exactly, is that "right situation," though? Let's discuss.


Atlanta Hawks

At a springy 6'9", Ebanks is an excellent rebounder. And right now, the Atlanta Hawks are set to open the 2013-14 season with Kyle Korver and DeMarre Carroll as their small forwards, which means there won't be much in the way of solid board work from that position.

Sure, Al Horford and Paul Millsap will haul down their share of rebounds, but assuming Millsap no longer moonlights as an oversized 3, the Hawks could find it difficult to clear the glass as a team. Last year, Atlanta ranked 26th in rebound rate, according to ESPN—and that was with Josh Smith on the roster.

With the painfully undersized backcourt of Jeff Teague and Louis Williams, the Hawks guards don't figure to be the source of any improvement on the glass.

So perhaps Ebanks could work nicely as a rotation piece for the Hawks.

His rebound rate of 11.5 (subscription required) would have ranked 16th among small forwards last year if he'd played enough minutes to qualify. For reference, that figure would have been narrowly better than the ones posted by Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, per ESPN.

We're taking liberties with small samples here, but Eban...

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