Best-Case, Worst-Case Scenarios for LA Lakers Offseason Additions

The Los Angeles Lakers added some pieces during the 2013 offseason, and they come with their sets of strengths and weaknesses.

Consequently, the new additions will either maximize their talents under Mike D’Antoni or simply flame out from failing to blend their skills within the Lakers’ scheme.


Chris Kaman

After Dwight Howard’s departure in the 2013 summer, Los Angeles turned to Chris Kaman to fill part of the void at the center position. The former Dallas Maverick will likely enjoy a second-unit role in 2013-14 with Pau Gasol starting at center.

Kaman should thrive in that role since he will be matching up against second-string centers. The big man scores with both hands down on the low block and can punish poor interior defenders.

Kaman combines good footwork with a series of solid head fakes to throw defenders off course and score on them. He will however struggle against tall defenders and has issues converting shots when drifting on his shot attempts.

Have a look at the series of moves he put on J.J. Hickson in a game against the Portland Trail Blazers during the 2012-13 season:

That possession is Kaman's low-post game in a nutshell. Just a great combination of moves executed in one sequence, but Hickson’s body placement forced the offensive player to drift just enough on the shot and miss. This partly explains Kaman low field-goal percentages in this setting.

Synergy Sports tells us Kaman converted 40.8 percent of his shots in post-up situations during the 2012-13 campaign. He does still have value given his pick-and-roll play.

Kaman does an excellent job of catching the ball in traffic and finishing at the rim. Furthermore, he is a good open shooter on long two-point shots. He converted 51 percent of his long-range two-pointers in 2012-13 per Hoopdata.

He has the makings of a ...

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