Best- and Worst-Case Scenarios for Steve Nash’s 2014-15 Season

Injuries, age, contract structures and future free-agency plans have left the Los Angeles Lakers' 2014-15 campaign a mystery in the making, and Steve Nash's fate is perhaps the most confusing of their unsolved puzzles.

Pushing 41, the Hall of Fame-bound point guard is a lot of things. Durable isn't one of them.

Nash has appeared in just 65 games over the last two seasons. The days of him headlining championship contenders are over, replaced instead by a fading star barely hanging on as he prepares for life after basketball.

"I think this is my last season," he said of 2014-15 during an interview with Sport TV, per SB Nation. "But I still love to play, practice and work on my game. I'm going to spend hopefully many many years living this life without basketball. It'll be nice to play one more year."

Thoughts along those lines hint at submission. This season will be Nash's last, his swan song, the final farewell to a career so impressive, these last two years watched like a foreign film without subtitles. 

Far removed from the player he once was, how will Nash's final season unfold? Will he bow out worse for wear, bringing a merciful end to a career that really ended years ago? 

Or will his final ride be so impressive, so unbelievably familiar, that it won't be a goodbye at all?


Worst-Case Scenario

Picturing the worst-case scenario for Nash's 2014-15 crusade isn't especially difficult. Groundwork has been laid over the last two years. 

Last season was particularly telling as a measuring stick. Nerve damage in his back coupled with hamstring issues limited Nash to just 15 games. And unlike 2012-13, when he played, Nash looked his age. His assist totals—5.7 in 20.9 minutes per game—remained respectable, but his shooting percentages plummeted while his mobility wavered. 

Worst-case scenario...

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