Best 2015 Free Agents for Los Angeles Lakers To Pair With Julius Randle

Julius Randle had the utter misfortune to suffer a broken leg in his rookie debut for the Los Angeles Lakers in October. But the No. 7 draft pick should be ready to sail back into action next season—hopefully paired with a top free agent.

When it comes to the most effective partnership for the 20-year-old power forward, it would make sense to bolster the frontcourt to maximum effect. That means finding the most complementary center to put next to the talented, but still inexperienced product out of the University of Kentucky.

So how best to build a bomb-proof dominant front line for a team that, at present, is giving up the most points in the league at 106.3 per game?

First, Randle at 6’9”, is a versatile, two-way player. A lefty shooter, he can score at the rim or from mid-range, and also has a fondness for romping coast to coast on fast-break opportunities. He’s also a natural rebounder.

But there’s also room for defensive improvement, and the Lakers would benefit from pairing him with someone who could absorb his mistakes.

It has to be remembered that Randle was drafted after his freshman year in college and will essentially be starting over from scratch next season, as someone who might as well still be taking his first NBA baby steps.

Randle should at least have another round of summer league action under his belt, however, according to Lakers coach Byron Scott, per a report from ESPN LA’s Jovan Buha.

And, as Bleacher Report’s Kevin Ding reports, Randle has also had plenty of time to study the game, including writing detailed game analysis for general manager Mitch Kupchak.

"I've watched a lot of basketball, but never this much NBA basketball,” said Randle. “You see the pace of play, the flow of the game. Put yourself in positions that you can be in the game. It helps you mentally be prepared to know ...

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