Benching Carlos Boozer for Ed Davis Is the Only Choice for Los Angeles Lakers

Change can be a scary thing in the NBA.

Substituting Carlos Boozer for Ed Davis in the Los Angeles Lakers' starting lineup is not one of those changes.

Immediately after the boys in purple and gold fell to the Golden State Warriors 136-115 on Sunday night, dropping to 1-9 on the season for the first time in franchise history, head coach Byron Scott had some biting comments for his plunging team.

“You either want to do it, can’t do it or won’t do it,” he said of the Lakers defense, per the Los Angeles Daily News' Mark Medina. “I got to assume that when I see guys jogging, that you’re tired. If I assume that, I have to make changes.”

Inserting the 25-year-old Davis is the only notable change Scott can make. More importantly, it's one he should make. The Lakers are swiftly spiraling out of control, and they're in desperate need of something, anything, to help them escape a season-ruining rut.


Out of Options

Where else is Scott supposed to look at the moment?

Steve Nash isn't around for him to bench Jeremy Lin. A.J. Price would have to quarterback the offense as a starter instead, which isn't going to solve anything. Lin is also part of the solution, as the lone Lakers player who is both attempting at least one three-pointer per game and connecting on more than 33.3 percent of those looks.

Jordan Hill could stop jumping center to start—if the Lakers suddenly develop an aversion to rebounding. He has been their best glass-crasher to date (9.6 rebounds per game), ranks as one of their four best passers (2.1 assists), is their lone double-double threat and continues to play the best basketball of his career.

Translation: not going to happen.

Also not going to happen: a revocation of Kobe Bryant's starting privileges.

Jokes are made daily—and ri...

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