Are Fans of Kobe Bryant vs Michael Jordan Ready to Walk in MJ’s Air Forces?

As the Los Angeles Lakers win for the fifth time in 10 years and Kobe gets one for his thumb, the Kobe vs MJ debate has heated up. Some seem to think that it's rings that determine how good an individual player is but, after looking at at the Black Mamba's career playoff stats as a starter, past performances in the NBA Finals, and the amount of help he has had, can he ever really hover above Air Jordan ?

Kobe Bryant is one of the best players in the NBA, but for me it comes down to Air Jordan always finding a way to win and always being the best player on his team every year. Michael didn't have the offensively gifted big men that Black Mamba had to draw fouls and keep the opposing team in the penalty.

Today's NBA is a little "softer" than it was in MJ's day, where it seems the refs blow the whistle for any kinda of contact, the hand checking rule, and the whole Tim Donaghy scandal. It's not Kobe's fault he can't help how the NBA has changed, but I'm sticking with MJ as the best pound-for-pound player—but if you disagree feel free to leave me a comment.

Career Playoff stats    

Kobe 27ppg 5.7reb 5.0ast 1.5stl 0.7blk FG 45.2% 3PT 33.7% FT 84.2% 3.1 TO's (as a starter)

MJ  33.4ppg 6.4reb 5.7ast 2.1stl 0.9blk FG 48.7% 3PT 33.3% FT 82.8% 3.0 TO's


Kobe: Best playoff year 30.1ppg 5.7reb 5.6ast 1.6stl 0.3blk FG 47.9 FT 80.9 3.3 TO's

MJ : Worst playoff year 29.3ppg 5.8reb 8.5ast 2.7stl 1.0blk FG 43.6% FT 82.8 3.7TO's (This was MJ's Rookie year!!!)


NBA Finals Points Per Game Field, Goal Percentage, and Result  


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