Andrew Bynum’s Newest Injury Threatens the Los Angeles Lakers Repeat Bid

Fate may have dealt a blow to the Los Angeles Lakers quest for a repeat. Unfortunately, the culprit is one Laker fans are all too familiar with.

It was revealed earlier today that Andrew Bynum suffered a small tear in his meniscus, and although he attempted to play through the pain it's an ominous sign for the Lakers going forward.

Bynum just began to find his rhythm in the Lakers offense and defense after returning from an injury to his achilles' tendon.

True to form, Bynum faces the prospects of yet another postseason marred by injury.

It hasn't been determined if Bynum will risk further injury by playing on his knee, but it's safe to assume there is a possibility he could cause more damage by over-exerting himself.

This is the third knee injury Bynum has suffered in as many years. This one occurred at some point in the third quarter of the Lakers close-out game against Oklahoma City.

Bynum was visibly limping in that game, and by the fourth quarter it was apparent his knee was preventing him from moving laterally on the court.

If Bynum is unable to continue, the Lakers lose the services of a talented seven-footer. When paired with Pau Gasol in the paint, the tandem gives the Lakers one of the more formidable front courts in the postseason.

Bynum is talented for certain, but his career has been defined by injuries almost as much as his yet to be realized potential. His various setbacks are seen as a reason his game has yet to mature.

Los Angeles may be able to defeat the Utah Jazz in the second round of the NBA playoffs, but an absent Bynum would lessen the considerable advantage the Lakers held in the post.

Reaction from the team has yet to be revealed, but it has to be disappointing considering the Lakers were finally beginning to resemble the team that captured last year's NBA championship.

The Lakers have played through the p...

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