Andrew Bynum Targets A Late November Return: Implications For The LA Lakers

Andrew Bynum is a rare kind of NBA player. His game mirrors an old school center with a large 7’0” and 285 lbs. frame that few players can match in the league.

While Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol are the stars of the Los Angeles Lakers, Bynum is the difference maker that sets the team apart from the other 29 franchises in the NBA. In short, Andrew Bynum is the key to the Lakers winning a third championship in a row.

Understandably, many Lakers fans are upset about the recent news regarding Bynum.

Over the offseason, he had right knee surgery on July 28 to repair an injury that occurred during the NBA playoffs.

Due to a recent setback of about four weeks, Andrew Bynum remarked about his return to playing as he said, “I see more towards the end of November. The doctors are telling me this could be somewhere around there. There’s no exact date.”

Many fans are upset about Bynum missing action during the season for the fourth consecutive year since he, presumably, could have had the surgery right after the end of the Finals series. However, Andrew Bynum had the blessing from both coach Phil Jackson and Lakers General Manager Mitch Kupchak to have the surgery on July 18.

This would allow Bynum to have a short vacation and go to the World Cup—something they thought he deserved after his dedication and hard work during the playoffs.

After this target date was set, Bynum’s doctor had to push back the date to July 28 due to some scheduling conflicts.

While fans have a right to be upset regarding this news, the blame cannot be entirely placed upon Bynum. Most people are able to take a few weeks off from work each year to go on vacation and clearly some of the circumstances regarding the setback were not entirely in his control.

Yet, Lakers fans have some reasons to show some optimism regarding Andrew’s setback by r...

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