Andrew Bynum Stands as Dominant Force, Lakers Are Alive, Dangerous

In any other city, any other basketball franchise or any other loyalist residing anywhere other than Los Angeles, are burnt out of the Lakers and inclined to see the biggest attraction under the bright lights in Hollywood descend.

Lately, the town has been obligated and worried about the Lakers, a common reaction in a community always trying to figure out an enigmatic franchise with arguably the most talent.

For all the weird and eccentric meltdowns, the primary major sporting franchise declined in previous weeks and all the relentless predictions of a potential back-to-back conquest tapered.

So there were the Lakers, in the finest win this season, brainwashing us with second thoughts to whether they can repeat and jubilate, gaze at a 17th championship banner rise to the rafters at Staples Center, and partake in another parade on Figueroa Avenue.

Suddenly, the egomaniac Buss Family can sleep tonight, Kobe Bryant can wipe the sweat from his head and relax, and a raucous crowd can believe in purple and gold.

A week ago, the Lakers scared the hell out of me. And it wasn’t always a soothing or wonderful outlook, when the Lakers barely won games in the regular-season with their lackadaisical and soft response.

A week ago, the Lakers made me nauseated, but now they have alleviated my soul and convinced us that they are still the defending champs, until someone else pummels the hell out of them.

It’s no longer necessary to have Lakers flags at half mast on any vehicle, but hoist all flags high, flaunting team pride and support. It happened all so quickly, accustomed to the peculiar and perplexing reaction in basketball contests.

But suddenly the Lakers improved overnight, reducing shakiness and inactivity at least to some extent.

In a diverse town that comes together whenever the Lakers uplifts an entire community with entertaining hoops and bre...

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