Andrew Bynum on Lakers Future: ‘It Really Doesn’t Matter to Me’

When asked about being a Los Angeles Laker in the future, Andrew Bynum betrayed no preference. There wasn't even an "Ideally, I would want to," or "I'd like to, but we'll see."

Fresh off a brutal 106-90 season-ending loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder in the NBA playoffs, Bynum gave Lakers fans none of what they wanted to hear. 

Bynum should, in theory, be adored by the Laker fanbase. He went from being a late-lottery project of a big man to the best center in the Western Conference. However, he has an honest aloofness that tends to turn people off.

This is an example, one that certainly doesn't anger me, but perhaps presages an awkward marriage to the city of Los Angeles as Bynum grows into a superstar role. 

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