Andrew Bynum Is the Most Overrated Player in the NBA

I never knew how highly NBA fans thought of Andrew Bynum until I recently suggested the Los Angeles Lakers trade him for someone other than Dwight Howard. I've come to realize that many people think he's a top-five center, if not a top-two center.

That is a farce.

Bynum is the most overrated player in the game today because fans think he's just below Howard. He definitely isn't, and for three reasons:

1) Injury issues: You have to take them into account. A guy who plays only two out of every three games can't be counted on to produce at an elite level.

2) Pau Gasol: He isn't even the best big man on his own team.

3) The numbers don't lie: His stats say he is a very good center, not a great one.


The Injury Bug

If Greg Oden weren't around, we'd all know Andrew Bynum as the premier center who's always hurt.

He has played one full season in his six-year career, and owes many of his career-best stats to the 2006-2007 season, where he played just 35 games.

I can't gauge how well Bynum can last for an entire season because those are rare for him.

An unseen consequence of his injury history is the physical toll it takes every year on Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol to have to carry the team during the one-third of games Bynum misses on average.

Call me cynical, but could Bynum be shaving years off of Bryant's shelf life?

Let's take a look at fellow big man and 2005 NBA Draft pick David Lee.

While Bynum has missed 33 percent of his games, Lee has missed just over 10 percent. Over their careers, Lee has two more rebounds, one more assist and three more points per game than the highly touted Bynum.

Someone tell me why Bynum is second only to Howard at the center position when he can't even out-rebound a fellow '05 draftee who's three inches shorter than him!


Pau Gasol ...

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